Estonia Codes

Estonia Codes

Estonia Codes

Codes of Estonia

+372 EE - Country Code for Mobile Phones and Whatsapp
Estonia Codes (+372) EE / EST - Country Code for Mobile Phones, Telephone Calls, Whatsapp Messages and SMS. List of International Dial Code by City. Mobile Phone Companies.
(+372) Estonia Country Code. International Dial Code. Search by city. Find phone, address, and contacts
.EE is the country code for internet and national web sites

Telephone numbers in Estonia

International Call Prefix: 00

Telephone numbers in Estonia follow a closed telephone numbering plan. All calls inside Estonia are local; trunk codes are not used.

Landline phone numbers have 7 digits, mobile numbers can have either 7 or 8 digits.

Telephone numbers are portable between locations and operators.

Numbering plan
3xx xxxx Landline
4xx xxxx Landline
6xx xxxx Landline
7xx xxxx Landline
5xx xxxx Mobile
5xxx xxxx Mobile
Example call - How to dial in Estonia? :
 When calling the Estonian number 799 2222:
 *From inside Estonia: 799 2222
 *From other countries: +372 799 2222
Special numbers
110 Police
112 Fire and medical services
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